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Last Updated June 15, 1998

What is CUSeeMe?

How do I get it?

Tools for CUSeeMe:

Where Do I Go to "CU?"

There is really only one CUSeeMe reflector that I go to. (I know the people and the culture.) That place is called "Vassa" (aka "Digital Broadcast Ref") (If Vaasa is down, then I just surf or check a couple of the regular's alternate spots.)

Where is it?

University of Vaasa, Finland
IP Address: [connect]
Dept of Communication Studies & Computer Centre
"Virtual Home of Good People."
running White Pine Reflector 2.0.1
Operator: Tommi Rintala
Problems: Email

Vaasa Home Pages

The Regulars

So what are my definitions of "Regular"?

regular noun, \'reg-yeh-lehr\ [ME regular, fr. MF, fr. LL regularis regular, fr. L, of a bar, fr. regula rule -- more at RULE]
1: someone who is on a CUSeeMe reflector so long and so often that either they or others on the reflector aren't sure whether they really exist or have an actual life to live.
2: someone who when connecting to a reflector is recognized and called by their regular name, no matter what name they select.
3: someone who actually says out loud "LOL", "ROFLMAO", or "<g>" especially in the work environment.

NOTE: The Regular's Page is NO LONGER Password Protected! It is open to all.

If you're a regular and want (or don't want to be on the page), then just e-mail me at

Those who have a fast enough connection to see the 30+ pictures on a single page [CLICK HERE]. Otherwise you can view them individually, here.

Some of the Vaasa's regular participants are:

Anton, Ashah (my kittie), bOngTV, sean (aka:BurgerBoy),
caribou, Charlie, Chris, Christina,
ck, Draven, dork187, Eleon,
Garnett, GM, Hubris, kada,
lexa, LLBellyLint, Martin, Matisse,
ms thang, nao (aka:elf), Neal (me), quik,
Sandy, shade, SR, Steph,
Sunita, the la, TiMeCoDe, Uni,
Vidiot, vinyl, Word